“After considerable searching for a quilt rack, I found out about K R Hempel Woodworking.  The standard size made wasn’t right for my 4 quilts so at their suggestion, the rack was sustom designed for my room and the quilts.  Because I could not find the right size bookcase and on that matched my other furniture even at the upscale furniture stores, I also had a bookcase made.  Then another 2 end tables.  All custom designed.  I am most pleased with the quality of the work and the suggestions which have made this furniture just right.”


“Yeah! the birdhouses have arrived.  They are great and awesome — all those overused words apply.  Thank you. Thank you.”


“Thanks for the beautiful box.  It came today.  The recipe cards fit perfectly… It is perfect.  It is all I hoped for and more.  Thanks!”


“Beautiful work, as always!”