Why choose custom woodworking?

Have you ever needed or wanted a piece of furniture, but could not find the style or quality you desired? Have you wanted a particular piece of furniture to fit in a special place, but could not find the right size? Custom designed and built furniture is the solution to these problems. We have even designed and built a sideboard (buffet) to fit the dimensions of a handcrafted pottery platter.

The price of each piece reflects the uniqueness of the piece, as well as the skills and artistry require to create it. Before you come to shop, we invite you to check out other options, and then allow usĀ  to share our version of superior quality furnishings.

How does it work?

It begins with a conversation. We will ask you a series of questions that will help both of us determine the requirements for the piece. This includes how it is to be used, the basic dimensions, types of woods (oak, cherry, maple, walnut, etc.), drawers or no drawers, doors or no doors, shelves, doors, hardware, and the finish. After we know what features are the most important, we will ask you what you have in mind as a price range. Then we create sketches to determine if our design is what you had in mind.

After we agree on the design, we will determine the exact measurements, create scale drawings, and create a materials list, which will include the cost of materials involved along with options. We will then price the work and discuss the details with you. This is when you have a final opportunity to make adjustments change options because we need to know about the adjustments prior to the first boards being cut, or the final cost could increase.

Once we have a non-refundable deposit from you, we will put your piece on the production schedule and give you an estimated time for completion of the piece. Throughout the build phase, we will keep you advised on the progress.

Ultimate reason for buying custom furniture

In the end, you will have a high-quality, individually handcrafted piece of furniture that will serve you well for many years to come.